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St. Benedict’s Foundation Inc.
The Sisters of St. Benedict invite you to share in our Mission and Vision by supporting our Foundation. As we embraSr Joan 2015ce the future we believe that living the Benedictine mission and vision wholeheartedly is a way of transforming the human community.

We also recognize that we need the contributions of resources and services of others to carry out our mission.

Sr. Joan Mormul, OSB, Executive Director

Any gift to St. Benedict’s Foundation ensures the support and continued growth of the various programs of the Monastery and the Retreat and Conference Centre.

St. Benedict’s Foundation Inc. supports St. Benedict’s Monastery financially with the following:

• Vocation Ministry and Formation of new members
• Ongoing Education of Sisters
• Repair/renovation/maintenance of the complex and grounds
• Help Wherever Needed

St. Benedict’s Foundation Inc. also assists St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre by financially supporting the following programs offered to people of every age and many special needs:

• HeartSong Retreat (for people with Aids or who are HIV positive and their caregivers)
• Retreat for the Unemployed
• Spiritual Direction and Formation of the laity
• Centering Prayer
• Directed Retreats
• Sabbath Retreat for Young Adults

Support to St. Benedict’s Foundation Inc. can be given in these ways too:

Current Gifts: such as cash and gifts in kind
Future Gifts: such as gifts using life insurance and bequests
Gifts that Give Back: such as gifts of residual interest and charitable remainder trusts

Together we can make a difference.
The Sisters of St. Benedict invite you to share concretely in their mission and ministries.     

For information, contact:                                                            

Wendy Smolinski, Foundation Assistant

St. Benedict’s Foundation
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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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Phone: (204) 338-4601;Fax: (204) 339-8775