St. Benedict's Monastery on the Red



The rhythm of prayer, both individual and communal, is an essential element of Benedictine life. This is how we pray:

The community celebrates the Liturgy of the Hours (Opus Dei) three times daily- morning, noon and evening. This prayer is “a recurring sign of the monastery’s unity with Christ.” Constitutions, Call to Praise.

opus dei1

The Eucharist is celebrated regularly with guests from the neighbouring parish, and elsewhere, joining us often.

Filomena Lectio

 Daily the sisters engage in the spiritual practice called Lectio Divina. Lectio Divina is a tradition of pondering the Word of God. Lectio consists of reading slowly and attentively a short passage, listening for a word that touches you in some way then repeating that word as if savouring its flavour and then dialoguing with God about it and finally just resting in the Word. You can find out more about this prayer by clicking here.


“This tradition (Lectio Divina) of reflective spiritual reading
is the principal nourishment for individual and communal prayer.”

Constitutions, Call to Praise

 It is our practice on weekday mornings to maintain quiet from the time of rising until 9:00 am for reflective personal prayer.

Each month the sisters have a quiet day as a community. On “Solitude Sunday” there is silence, time for rest and personal prayer and two hours of adoration. You are welcome to join us in this prayer for our world.

Monday through Friday
10:00 am
8:30 am
9:00 am

Midday Prayer  Daily 11:50 am

Evening  Prayer Daily 5:00 pm  (except no communal evening prayer
in the chapel on Wednesday)

Eucharist Sunday at 11:00 or  Saturday 7:00pm
Tuesday through Thursday 
9:00 am

Times may change – call ahead for updated information.
Please join us for prayers as your schedule permits.