St. Benedict's Monastery on the Red


Sr. Dorothy Levandosky, OSB

DorothySister Dorothy Levandosky was born close to Eden, Manitoba and grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Neepawa, Manitoba. She claims that her “down to earth”, rural upbringing has been the firm basis for all she is and all she does. “I will always be a farmer’s daughter at heart. Next to my Benedictine community and my vocation” Sister Dorothy says, “I regard my family as my greatest gift.”

Her mother, Katherine, and father, Stanley, though both deceased, continue to be a source of inspiration, wisdom and strength for her. It was at their knees that she learned who God was and what was really important in life.

Even with two daughters and five sons, her parents found their love could include native foster children to share their farm home. Sister Dorothy recalls that her siblings were never compared to each other but were expected to be unique. They were encouraged to get along on the basis of their differences and to celebrate each other’s successes. They were challenged to do their best at whatever the task.

dorothyteachingRegarding community life, Sister Dorothy maintains, “I think it has been a continuance of ‘family’ in the sense that being a Benedictine is an endeavour tobe in relationship, to continue to grow in every which way. Life has meant being faithful to my call, expanding my personal horizons through the joys and challenges of community, viewing each person and event God sends my way as a call to love.” Being a Benedictine flavours what she does and who she is in her ministry. Benedictine spirituality brings beauty, substance, meaning and rhythm into her life.

Sister Dorothy cannot imagine herself not being a teacher. Her 40 years in the classroom have provided her with much variety — junior high and senior high, religious education and counseling. She is now teaching at Bishop Grandin High School in Calgary. Her yet-to-be-realized dream is to teach in a foreign land.

Dorothy2When home at the Monastery for holidays and festive seasons, Sister Dorothy loves to provide organ accompaniment for the sisters at the Liturgy of the Hours and to calligraphy special documents.

Over the years, she has served on Archdiocesan Liturgical Commissions in Winnipeg and Calgary, as well as on the National Council for Liturgy and the CBW III Committee.

In her heart, Sister Dorothy treasures the priceless gift received from her family, which is “the inner security that comes from knowing for sure that one is deeply loved and cherished for who one is!”